Funeral / cemetery lots


Funerals and cemeteries

We will perform every day from general funerals to family funerals, burials, and marine burials.
In addition, we also work as the chief priest of Tamaki-cho Happiness Temple, so we also support cemetery sale, permanent memorial tomb, tree burial.
A permanent memorial tomb has been built at the Ise City Yasuragi Park Graveyard.

In recent years, we have received many stories of burials.
Taijiang Temple provides consultations, introductions, and funerals for burial areas and graveyards.

  • General funeral (we will give the martial name and have a funeral)
  • Family funeral (funeral for only close relatives of family members, relatives, etc.)
  • Pre-life funeral (it is a farewell ceremony held before the person in question becomes an organizer)
  • Burial (Consultation and introduction of burial areas and graves) We will also have a funeral.)
  • Marine burial (funeral with a scattering in the ocean)
  • Yasuragi Park (Taijiang Temple Eiyo Memorial Tomb was built. )